13 Ağustos 2013 Salı

Destroyed U.S tanks in Iraq 2003-2011

M1 A1 Abram tanks destroyed; Iraq.
After the first gulf war where the U.S M1 A1 Abrams tanks successfully fought the Iraqi army especially of Tawakaluna Corp in the Battle of 73 Eastings and then Battle of Medina Bridge in First Gulf War 1991 in which 1245 Iraqi tanks were destroyed including Soviet-built T-72 Lion of Bbabylon tanks, it was thought that the Abrams tank a 68-ton beast was almost impregneble. But when U.S invaded Iraq in 2003 the Abrams myth of invincibility finally came to an end.

M1 A1 Abrams destroyed probably by a road side bomb in Iraq.
Abram partially destroyed and lying abandoned by its crew in the street.
Abram squarely hit and destroyed by RPG on main road in Baghdad.
Destroyed and charred in heavy street to street fighting where tanks most usually get hunted dut to their massive size decreasing their mobility.
Towing destroyed Abram.
Abram failed!

M-1A1 destroyed by RPG ambush. Successful attacks are scored at stationary targets, primarily from side or rear attacks, at the less protected parts of the tanks

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